The Ballads of a Stranded Soul

"The teller and the tale are very different, never forget that"

Illusions and Dreams

“If I speak ill please, humour me
Won’t rant on endlessly
Just thought I’d try to make you see
My Illusions and Dreams”


Exchanging glances or so it would seem
Drifiting and wandering aimlessly
Blind to everyone surrounding me
In my world of make believe
Their voices sounding like the echoing keys
To the songs that you would sing
You’d still be my dream to sleep tonight
With my discreet passions’ calling out
I’ve renounced the world that we live in
Days are just illusions without you in it
Dishonesty is all I’m facing lonely
So will you be by my side
In our never ending dream and fantasy.





An Acrostic Spun!

Kind luscious lips pursed to
Inspire my artist’s creativity;
Settling on the fall of a day’s tidings
Scintillating this world, never mind the way I,
Muse and gaze at you, blinded by your light –
Ever shining, my eyes, they can’t get enough of you.



Requiem for a dream!

I fell into your dream
to see the world through
your eyes,
Your face was pure serenity
in spite of the fear in my heart,
I couldn’t think of anything else
but your beautiful face
The world became silent,
the evening with its hustling sounds,
began to fade away into
the far distance and
voices no longer mattered.
You watched my world
fall apart around you
but now I know you’ve helped me
to rise above it, where an
eternity with you was waiting
Or so I would dream.
Through the distance
of ages my hand reaches out for you
Wishing to pull you
into my life,
and in return to take
a glimmer of yours.
Because there is beauty
in your world I have never seen
and I will savor every sweet
moment of it
along your every gentle breath.




I Remain!

The fading gleam of flames dance to your reflection
The final memory of you within me construes the truth
That time takes us all, but you
You took what was never yours.




“Everything you can imagine is real” – Pablo Picasso

Imagine a world of not peace and cure
Imagine a world in where you could never much care
Imagine a world that’s closer to your perception
An eidetic image of your consciousness, much like the redundancy in this line
It would disseminate or shrink much to your whim
Imagine a world where only emotions flowed true
Where reticence is the only constraint we face
Imagine if we were callous about everything
but being euphoric, just over one thing that we truly desire for
That we seek in abundance, that we don’t have to fight for
Would humanity be any different if inebriation wasn’t chastised
If intoxication wasn’t meant to be an escape from reality
But to open the doors which have been kept locked from us
Since the aeons past, since the dawn of mankind itself
Imagine if psychedelics weren’t the only perceived means to transcend
Imagine if love, lust, passion, hunger and desire for any primal emotion are considered as opiates
If possessiveness wasn’t an insecurity, if desire wasn’t a sin
If the world wasn’t materialistic towards living comfortably than to ascend
If syntheticity was chided away and if music flowed naturally from the astral planes
Imagine if we lived not to survive just another day but to explore the possibilities,
Of what lies beyond what we know, before our bodies give in to these exhaustive thoughts
Imagine less of where we came from and more of where we are taken to,
Imagine as if the passing of everyday is a step closer to another scene
Where every moment lived in the past would make you sentient of the unknown world.




“She’ll sting you one day.
Oh, ever so gently,
so you hardly even feel the sting
‘Til you fall dead”


Words would collide like distant stars
With explosions blinding the far away worlds
The beautiful remnants of the past
The colors would change from the unspoken thoughts
As Sometimes even the exuberant  words would fail to describe the
light that shone in your eyes
The smile that would ripen with every kiss on your lips
The memories that would overwhelm with every touch of your skin
An addiction manifesting into many urges
To hold you near to fill your soul with love and to write about the
magic you weave with your heart
An addiction that grew too strong too quick yet innocent
An addiction that stayed after all this time even as the words the
colors and the soul left
An addiction that replaced your smile with solace
And your touch with numbness and your heart with inebriation.



“In the beginning, it was all black and white”


This is an ode to the fates that have brought me to you at this hour today
A herald here to deliver me as I am, to my destiny
An encounter, 13 billion years in the making
This is an ode to the countless causes that have conspired for this coincidence between us
Standing in front of you, yearning for my beating heart to find your rhythm, and your song I will sing in the days to come as long as I bear this form.
Many a things I have been since the creation, eons I have traveled before I could gaze upon your smile
Learning every virtue with every form I took
Molded, shaped and reborn until I was worthy for this moment
As a rock I stood over the tallest mountains to learn patience,
Under the deepest oceans I lived to learn isolation and silence
As a tree I grew to give life and to nourish
As an animal I lived to learn to be wild and protective
As a bird I flew to live shortly and free
With every passing life I’ve learnt loss, pain and suffering
Tonight, as a man I stand before you wanting to be loved and to be complete.
This is an ode to my past and a strophe to my future with you.


The Distant Shore

““Promises were a lot like impressions. The second one didn’t count for much.”


After all this time, no matter how hard I tried,
I could never learn to give up hope
If you ever trace back your steps,
reach the horizon where we became you,
I’ll be waiting by this shore in your memory,
fighting the need to be loved and desire to live in the past
where I learnt the true meaning of your name
Where I learnt to let to go even before I could hold your hand
With every rising tide I wish to become one with it
And with every receding one I move further down the shore
One way or the other I will find you
or the endearing question of what life holds for me in the end
I do not wish for you to look back,
to seek the pain you walked away from
But the fear of losing you is overbearing and I’m held on to the sea
May the stars carry away your loss and greif as you grow distant
May the beauty you bring upon everything around you fill the void inside
May love seek you again to hold your hand when you need it most!


The Neverland!

This post has been published by me as a part of Blog-a-Ton 57; the fifty-seventh edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with ​Madhu Vajpayee, the author of Seeking Redemption and Shades Publications, the publisher of Friendship- Bonds Beyond Time


“… but I could also write about love. How holding someone’s hand can silence a thousands voices and how someone’s smell can make you feel at home even though you’re a million miles away”


Resplendent thoughts, words more glorious
Than what they used to be
Looming in my reverie state
Alit from the borrowed light
Of the full bodied moon
Still shy to reveal its dark-side to the curious ones
The ambiguous souls,
yearning to learn the secret of hiding their own
You could always see me for what I am
Or was it right through me
As the ghost from an ephemeral plane
Undiscerning to the naked eye
Undaunted by this world
Blurring with every blink
The very night ,eager to vanish on me
Like the lover who would disappear
Once brought laughter that etched onto the walls
Where we broke our innocence,
Kissed until the color drained from your lips
Where our awkwardness became the things we loved
Our bodies, an adventure for the other
Every touch of your skin borne into deepest parts of mine
The night we held each others hands
We exchanged vows of eternity amongst us
The night we unyoked the dreams of the perfect life
Seemed to have been engulfed by something darker
With the advent of time, distance and our primal fears
Dreams of mulling over your name,
Ringing with the dulcet note in my ears
Seem to be drifting into a limbo to which I do not hold the key
Now the lucid nightmares have become my sweetest dreams
When it dawns, we would have been carried further away
Away from our crossroads
Your contempt and my respite helping us to drift apart
The life we wove together
Would be the horizons we can never reach
When it dawns, the lines on my palms would be erased
The memory of every touch withdrawn with it
An uncertain destiny whispering into my ears
Caressing me, to hold my hands that you once held,
I shut my eyes as I’m carried away
I want to wake up in the Neverland.


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The Sands Of The Shore That Never Was!


I am the beginning and the end
The secret that has never been said
The one who saw beneath your naked flesh
The truth about you
As the secrets come undone,
I’m still hanging on to the strings of yesterday
I’ll take away all your confessions,
I love the heartache that comes with it
Reveling in its pain, the truth that burns me from within
I drowned in your river
To be carried into your silent seas of love
Past the violent streams
But I never made it till the end
You took away my aggression,
Now it has found its way back to me
Please forgive me as I laid waste to our time
You deserve a love that would set fires in your world
Not through mere words,
But through touch and everything you yearn
All I have left now are punctured lungs
From the moments spent drowning within you
Never trying to save myself
And a desiccated heart
Holding onto a teardrop
An evanescent hope to stay alive
I am not trying to write you into a memory
A song nonetheless, you’re too sacred for it all
My words would never be justified
As the yearning still lives on,
Your laughter still clawing into my skin
Clarity screams louder than the chaos around me
As the night approaches
I’ll fade into the darkness with the shadows
A secret you could never keep
And when the light tears past the horizon of our past
I hope love will find you again as I found you once
And time will complete what I started
For you were the poem I could never write from the beginning.