Hey Stranger!

by stupendous man

“Whisper goodbye as your fears are slowly shattered
Whisper goodbye to a million man made heart beats””


My dreams aren’t mine to keep anymore
I’m on a plane, amidst the clouds
Suddenly there are flashes in my head
The clouds, they have names
And I recite them loud as I point at each of them
And besides me I’m holding you
Eyes glistening with fascination
Pretend or true I cannot tell, but darling I don’t care
The smile I evoked has wreaked havoc within me
While all this is a dream I cannot keep
I cannot stop dreaming about it, this fantasy
Every strand of your brow, has a tune
A tune that my hearts beats to
Frantically with every second I think of you
Every wrinkle on your lip, sings a song
A song that I would sing
As I march into every war that’s waged on me
One fleeting glance, one evanescent smile
One day was all it took to take my dreams away from me
One more chance, should our paths collide,
I wouldn’t care for the world
I’ll bring chaos upon it,
Just so they can witness your smile
As it tames the turbulent heart,
And your spirit that shines
For the salvation of this bard.