An evening to remember!

by stupendous man

“I need your grace, to remind me to find my own
As we lay here, trying to forget this world”


Nobody ever asks how you have been
With the truest intentions to know
And until when I was questioned by you
I’d smile and say that I’ve been great
Though I could barely make it through another day
It felt fulfilling to not lie once
To answer your question with a gleaming smile from within
Alas! too shy to bar my teeth
Conscious thoughts imprisoning my will
To just scoff at your formal gestures as we stood amidst a crowd
To just pull you closer and embrace your warmth forgetting this world
It took half the time to create my world with you
Than it took for me to look into your eyes again
Let your thoughts stay with me tonight
To train the chaos of my thoughts
Into decipherable dreams of you and me
Let your presence linger around me
I’ll promise to muster the strength
To smile looking into your eyes again
For with every glance of your face, eons apart
Clarity beseeches me to throw myself in submission to your heart.