Flickering Flames! 

by stupendous man

“And every time I go to bed
An image of you flickers in my head
And every time I fall asleep
An image of you flows in my dream”


A garden of roses
The quaint colors of the skies and the rain
Every subtlety of nature
Seems more apparent than never before
Fires more raging
Even with the winds whistling over them
Undying unrelenting
Just as my will to witness your smile
Over and over again
A hope disguised in a speck of dust
Floating in the path
Of your glimmering light, rapt with frenzy
Escaping reality
As excuses run thin, as the truth unfolds,
As my cowardice flickers
Just as the flames that lighten your face
I can sense the apprehension
But I would burn the bridge between us
And let the distance stay
So the embers burn bright to keep the flames alit
As the gaze to your smile remains.