The Ballads of a Stranded Soul

"The teller and the tale are very different, never forget that"

Month: March, 2017

An Acrostic Spun!

Kind luscious lips pursed to
Inspire my artist’s creativity;
Settling on the fall of a day’s tidings
Scintillating this world, never mind the way I,
Muse and gaze at you, blinded by your light –
Ever shining, my eyes, they can’t get enough of you.




Requiem for a dream!

I fell into your dream
to see the world through
your eyes,
Your face was pure serenity
in spite of the fear in my heart,
I couldn’t think of anything else
but your beautiful face
The world became silent,
the evening with its hustling sounds,
began to fade away into
the far distance and
voices no longer mattered.
You watched my world
fall apart around you
but now I know you’ve helped me
to rise above it, where an
eternity with you was waiting
Or so I would dream.
Through the distance
of ages my hand reaches out for you
Wishing to pull you
into my life,
and in return to take
a glimmer of yours.
Because there is beauty
in your world I have never seen
and I will savor every sweet
moment of it
along your every gentle breath.




I Remain!

The fading gleam of flames dance to your reflection
The final memory of you within me construes the truth
That time takes us all, but you
You took what was never yours.