“Everything you can imagine is real” – Pablo Picasso

Imagine a world of not peace and cure
Imagine a world in where you could never much care
Imagine a world that’s closer to your perception
An eidetic image of your consciousness, much like the redundancy in this line
It would disseminate or shrink much to your whim
Imagine a world where only emotions flowed true
Where reticence is the only constraint we face
Imagine if we were callous about everything
but being euphoric, just over one thing that we truly desire for
That we seek in abundance, that we don’t have to fight for
Would humanity be any different if inebriation wasn’t chastised
If intoxication wasn’t meant to be an escape from reality
But to open the doors which have been kept locked from us
Since the aeons past, since the dawn of mankind itself
Imagine if psychedelics weren’t the only perceived means to transcend
Imagine if love, lust, passion, hunger and desire for any primal emotion are considered as opiates
If possessiveness wasn’t an insecurity, if desire wasn’t a sin
If the world wasn’t materialistic towards living comfortably than to ascend
If syntheticity was chided away and if music flowed naturally from the astral planes
Imagine if we lived not to survive just another day but to explore the possibilities,
Of what lies beyond what we know, before our bodies give in to these exhaustive thoughts
Imagine less of where we came from and more of where we are taken to,
Imagine as if the passing of everyday is a step closer to another scene
Where every moment lived in the past would make you sentient of the unknown world.