“She’ll sting you one day.
Oh, ever so gently,
so you hardly even feel the sting
‘Til you fall dead”


Words would collide like distant stars
With explosions blinding the far away worlds
The beautiful remnants of the past
The colors would change from the unspoken thoughts
As Sometimes even the exuberant  words would fail to describe the
light that shone in your eyes
The smile that would ripen with every kiss on your lips
The memories that would overwhelm with every touch of your skin
An addiction manifesting into many urges
To hold you near to fill your soul with love and to write about the
magic you weave with your heart
An addiction that grew too strong too quick yet innocent
An addiction that stayed after all this time even as the words the
colors and the soul left
An addiction that replaced your smile with solace
And your touch with numbness and your heart with inebriation.