The Ballads of a Stranded Soul

"The teller and the tale are very different, never forget that"

Month: January, 2016


“In the beginning, it was all black and white”


This is an ode to the fates that have brought me to you at this hour today
A herald here to deliver me as I am, to my destiny
An encounter, 13 billion years in the making
This is an ode to the countless causes that have conspired for this coincidence between us
Standing in front of you, yearning for my beating heart to find your rhythm, and your song I will sing in the days to come as long as I bear this form.
Many a things I have been since the creation, eons I have traveled before I could gaze upon your smile
Learning every virtue with every form I took
Molded, shaped and reborn until I was worthy for this moment
As a rock I stood over the tallest mountains to learn patience,
Under the deepest oceans I lived to learn isolation and silence
As a tree I grew to give life and to nourish
As an animal I lived to learn to be wild and protective
As a bird I flew to live shortly and free
With every passing life I’ve learnt loss, pain and suffering
Tonight, as a man I stand before you wanting to be loved and to be complete.
This is an ode to my past and a strophe to my future with you.



The Distant Shore

““Promises were a lot like impressions. The second one didn’t count for much.”


After all this time, no matter how hard I tried,
I could never learn to give up hope
If you ever trace back your steps,
reach the horizon where we became you,
I’ll be waiting by this shore in your memory,
fighting the need to be loved and desire to live in the past
where I learnt the true meaning of your name
Where I learnt to let to go even before I could hold your hand
With every rising tide I wish to become one with it
And with every receding one I move further down the shore
One way or the other I will find you
or the endearing question of what life holds for me in the end
I do not wish for you to look back,
to seek the pain you walked away from
But the fear of losing you is overbearing and I’m held on to the sea
May the stars carry away your loss and greif as you grow distant
May the beauty you bring upon everything around you fill the void inside
May love seek you again to hold your hand when you need it most!