The Sands Of The Shore That Never Was!


I am the beginning and the end
The secret that has never been said
The one who saw beneath your naked flesh
The truth about you
As the secrets come undone,
I’m still hanging on to the strings of yesterday
I’ll take away all your confessions,
I love the heartache that comes with it
Reveling in its pain, the truth that burns me from within
I drowned in your river
To be carried into your silent seas of love
Past the violent streams
But I never made it till the end
You took away my aggression,
Now it has found its way back to me
Please forgive me as I laid waste to our time
You deserve a love that would set fires in your world
Not through mere words,
But through touch and everything you yearn
All I have left now are punctured lungs
From the moments spent drowning within you
Never trying to save myself
And a desiccated heart
Holding onto a teardrop
An evanescent hope to stay alive
I am not trying to write you into a memory
A song nonetheless, you’re too sacred for it all
My words would never be justified
As the yearning still lives on,
Your laughter still clawing into my skin
Clarity screams louder than the chaos around me
As the night approaches
I’ll fade into the darkness with the shadows
A secret you could never keep
And when the light tears past the horizon of our past
I hope love will find you again as I found you once
And time will complete what I started
For you were the poem I could never write from the beginning.