A Testimony to Emptiness

The poet takes the fall
The ballads turn to the darkest alibis
The bottles’ staring at me
Emptied faster than they could sing
The sorrows’ in the sky
Clouded thoughts reigning from within
The memory of your touch
Buried in the bottom of an ocean
The promises that we made
Shattered all around us
If I could instill faith into the frightened heart
Search the place where my courage fell
If I could travel back in time
I would have held you closer than tonight
If I could build a bridge between us
Paved with words strong enough to hold you as you walk
If I could see in the dark
I would guide your destiny
I would wait for your love
As the cobwebs of time are shrouding over me
You are my temple of thoughts
And I’ll be the desecrated god in you
Will you remember who I am
A whimsical imagination
And the marks that I left behind
On every inch of your skin
Was a witness to something true
Something that I would die for again