Love Me Forever!


I have a wish I’ll ask you to fulfil one day
A wish to love you for the rest of my life.
To wake up every morning with you by my side
Listening to your heart beating against mine.
All I wish is to gaze into your eyes
Listening to your silence
As we share our dreams
To share everything with you
To see deep into your heart
And wash the past scars away.
To talk about the little things
That caught your attention.
To learn to be captivated by you
All I wish for is to put my arms around you
And hold you tight.
Give your heart a warm and safe place
To come home to rest each night.
All I wish is for you to feel
This burning fire deep inside of me
To touch and taste the sweetness of our love
As our bodies become one
To share this deep passionate love with you
To kiss those sanguine lips
Seeping with passion and lust
That I had never felt before.
All I wish for is to walk hand in hand
Along the beach as we make memories in our heart and footprints in the sand.
As we sit and watch God paint a perfect sunset for us to share.
All I wish for is you to love me and grow old together with
To watch our life unfold
A fantasy to many, envy to others, but to me you are my dream come true
All I wish for is you to love me forever and its forever you!