Dead Letters!

“A dead letter is a letter that has never been delivered because the person to whom it was written cannot be found, and it also cannot be returned to the person who wrote it.”


The sunlight gleams onto the skin of my hands
Tearing through the clementine shades of curtains
Unwashed and scented with wood and musk
Tiny particles hovering to the wonder of the naked eye
Escaping from the fabric as it rustles quietly
The eerie silence fills the ears
Except for the very faint crumpling sound
That of my trembling skin
And the parched paper underneath it
A wilting rose of forgotten scent above it all
Crumbling to the faint breeze that blows onto it
The lost time, held as droplets on its petals
I look down onto the floor, I see no shadows cast
The light passes through me,
Throwing doubts onto my existence
Yet explaining this moment so vividly
The loneliness, the void
The absence of everything
As my fingers move, so wearily
Over the blank spaces, leaving behind a trail of ink
Black or blue, who were to tell
The hue of despair, defeat and sorrow
What words and colors to tell the bruises
On the knees that spend eons genuflecting
Looking towards the empty skies,
Awaiting the sound of your footsteps
Tracing back the path you walked alone
Dreaming of a world, where we’d grow old together
Where I’d still bend my knee to pray
When our time comes, that we’d leave together
Into the passing of our next reality
As my conscience comes hurling back
Into the empty vessel sitting on this rotting wood
My fingers begin to move again
To finish the dead letters I had begun with
I close the covers and seal the letters inside
To you I shall leave it here on this mahogany wood
Wherein lies the scratches of our mistakes
Should you ever come back looking for me
I hope the echos of my voice in the air
Will whisper these letters into your ears.


dead letters-4