by stupendous man

I don’t remember what I tried to forget

Lost words that were better left unspoken

The days that were gone, that were never to happen again

You were one in a million and I was a thousand to two

Now is the time to forget, for the flames to burn me and you

Until we are, the ashes of our past

I’m crying, with my deepest voice

For my sins, that were once yours and mine

I’m sorry, maybe, we’ll never meet again.

Remember the time, when my eyes would speak to you

The birth of a dream, on your quivering lips

The start of a journey, that knew no end, until now

We all fall prey, to the voice of our glory and pride

Forsaking our fate for the love that once burnt, bright

Do we stand for a reason, our mistakes, a lesson

For the good and evil to learn

Our moments together, to live for, the truth or to die

We were once lovers, but we fight till death

Who would win this war, is it the beginning to an end?