Unspoken Words!

by stupendous man

I once had your heart and you reforged mine
A shimmering one with your artisanal hands
Fragile as it was, yet it felt safe in your clasp
Every word I spoke, a reflection of your love
Every song had a tune, that would resonate only to your voice
Without your light, the world fell silent to my ears
Your alluring kiss, irresistible in my thoughts
Vices subdued, left me believing they were gone
Only to be buried deep within me unbeknownst
As one left the other would take its place,
To haunt me of my betrayal to them
Your radiant skin, would once fill the light in my eyes
Now I look at the sun, without having to blink twice
If we loved to let go, why did we put our hearts into it?
What if I were to forget that we ever fought,
That I were to remember only our days together?
That ignorant bliss satisfying my soul.
Would you feel betrayed too,
If I chose to perish in the pensive of your thoughts?
When I couldn’t even look at your face,
Yet I chose to kiss the cold air
That limned our memories, under the borrowed light of the moon.
What has changed between us?
The impatient eyes, and the restless heart still remains
Yet the distance never fades, and happiness still evades me
I seduced your mind and your body was my curse
Your touch, were my unspoken words…
Don’t look back now, on the road to nowhere
The footprints from the dust still remains
For your dreams, are my limbo to fade in!