Our Last Goodbye!

by stupendous man


Close your eyes and listen to my voice

Disguised by the malevolent storms

That began from within me

Close your eyes and listen

As I sing to you beneath the moonlit sky

Not to drive away your fears

But to caress your demons inside

Listen, as I sing to you our last goodbye,

The dreams of us, that held my life.

Now there is just so much left to say

The truth, after all this time.

Every religion I’d question, every faith I’d doubt

Every God, I’d ask to show himself for me to believe in them

Infidel to the thoughts of the many watching over me

I found it hard, to gaze upon the sky and wish for anything

Until, I joined my hands in prayer, and shut my eyes

To envision a god who I barely knew

To make you and I as soul-mates in this life and,

What a wonderful life it was

A magical world that you shared with me

For as long as you were besides

I loved you to farthest reaches of everything.

All that I am now, you let me be

And a poet’s fantasy you were to me.

My time is running out now,

And my shadows are escaping into darkness

Questions engulf the heart

That was once filled with desire and devotion.