The Ballads of a Stranded Soul

"The teller and the tale are very different, never forget that"

Month: December, 2014


Many of us are laid to rest

Before we learn the true intentions of our life

Before we lose our innocence and search for it all over again

If there’s a way to find the answers to our existence

To bring back the wandering souls, lost in their endeavors.

Couldn’t we just close our eyes

Imagine everything was alright

To hide away the anger, the pain

And all those tears for the lives we lose everyday

When tragedy strikes at home is it when we truly wake up?





Can you hear the sounds of the storm

Silently brewing within me

A tumultuous pain, it would surely bring

But it will wash away what misery was left behind

Alone I Remember None!

This is who we are

Young and fearful of change

Filled with confessions

But alone I remember none

The Memory Escapes!

A silent hurt

An aching heart

Lost emotions

Faded thoughts

A beautiful face

Her lips on my palms

The memory escapes

An untraceable art

What’s lost

Shall remain unfound

What’s alive

Shall remain lost



Of All Lies!

Of all the lies I’ve been told or said

“Time will heal” is the gravest of them…