The Ballads of a Stranded Soul

"The teller and the tale are very different, never forget that"

Month: November, 2014

The Harmony That Once Was!

Those Aeonian fires

That used to flow like a river

Your exotic magic

Now stealing my life

The harmony that once made me dance

A silence lingers in its place


The Silver Stairs!

The unnerving silence, a truthful reminder

A vicarious love, now just a static noise

The spindle of time, woven by misery

Oh, time who shall wait for you and me?

Did the stars come out yet?

Of the blackened sky you’re staring at

Did the pain fade away? Are you someone else?

Someday when the light dies,

I’ll look him in the eye,

The devil, who is lesser than my vanity and pride

There’s no hell he could show me

That would ever satisfy my soul.

So when our time comes darling,

You take the silver stairs

I’ll walk into the fire unscathed, I shall finally┬árest.



Tears of Diamonds!

How shameless we blame our fate

From it alone comes our miseries we say

But our own reckless ways

Compound our pains beyond what we owe

In these days of man-made wonders

We still bicker over thorns

If I deny I’m still searching for you

I’m still holding onto my fears

For when you’re sleeping next to me

We become one against everything we know

The dancing flames in your heart

Sings a poetry unheard

When you’re crying in your dreams

Heaven sheds your tears as diamonds on the floor