Easier Said Than Done

by stupendous man

Every stroke a perfect one
As I draw a portrait of you
Imperfections were never a part of my art
And without you it’s just a big void
Half of me is dying everyday for telling you the truth
I hear voices raising me up, as my skinned knees tremble
Asking me to get over it, to turn over a new leaf,
Easier said than done! 
Especially when I had fallen for you, not just another someone
A blind eye to all this may make me a successful man
But without you life itself would be incomplete
All these words may mean nothing to anyone, save me
A fiddling hope maybe someday you will see
That I tried till the very end,
Futility didn’t seem to bother me
That I turned into a bad man,
I didn’t want you to miss the good in me.