The Ballads of a Stranded Soul

"The teller and the tale are very different, never forget that"

Month: October, 2014

Dear Agony!

Suddenly the lights go out
A shallow heart is filled with doubt
Emptiness surrounds this world
As the night creeps between ourselves
Skin turns pale and white with fear
All the life within me is frozen
Should I fight this one last breath?
Will I end where I began?
In this land of make-believe
I was never there for you and me
So light the way and let me go
I was made to make it hurt
Dear agony, hold my hands and walk beside me
Follow the footsteps that once was hers.





With every second collecting dust,

A wilted rose breathes its final breath

The beauty dies, but the memory lives

The little thorn, waiting to pierce me

The scar on my fingers, to always tell me she was worth it

The fallen petals that still smells like her

The smell of the love that will soon be lost

The ashes remain where the heart once was

Because to bury it, would be to wait for another one to come.


Burnt bridges

Easier Said Than Done

Every stroke a perfect one
As I draw a portrait of you
Imperfections were never a part of my art
And without you it’s just a big void
Half of me is dying everyday for telling you the truth
I hear voices raising me up, as my skinned knees tremble
Asking me to get over it, to turn over a new leaf,
Easier said than done! 
Especially when I had fallen for you, not just another someone
A blind eye to all this may make me a successful man
But without you life itself would be incomplete
All these words may mean nothing to anyone, save me
A fiddling hope maybe someday you will see
That I tried till the very end,
Futility didn’t seem to bother me
That I turned into a bad man,
I didn’t want you to miss the good in me.


Misery, pain, and into darkness the heart descends
Guilt, hatred, and lonliness shall seek my comfort again
Teary eyes, restless seas, and wilted roses until another life
Heaven lies in a fool’s dream, to find what is lost, to find a
missing piece
Do we fail to inflict pain upon us?
Do we seek penance in failure for our sins?




Elves, werewolves and dwarves; in all do I believe
Everything mystical lingers in the eve
You my fairy gave me this dream
A dream where you’re the queen to my realm
Swords and shield I’d be ready to yield
And your love I’d never be relieved

A Transcendent Moment Awaits (Down the Memory Lane)

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I try to recall the exact shape of your hands
I try to remember how I held them in mine,
Caressed them,
Memorized the length of your fingers,
So soft and void of callus.
I try to remember how tall you were
Reminiscing the feeling of your head buried into my chest
I’m lost in the redolence of your scent,
As I remember how we lay together
Creating our own
Magic rhythm,
Matching our heartbeats as we
Touched the sky, together.
I remember the sound of your voice, calling
My name as though
It were a song
Within itself, a precious treasure
You valued with all your being.
And I’ll always remember how your eyes gleamed at the corners
And your smile, as you told me,
“I love you.”




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