The Unrelenting Search

She held back with her splendid reluctance
Ever so graceful as she held my gaze
The eyes fixated on her unworldly curls
Dark and mysterious as the night sky
I too, remained in silence
Warding off all the events surrounding me
Favoring this new-found enigma
An elegant spectacle
Swaying with perfect motion
Moving her lips in the sweetest harmony
Her glances I would escape, shying away
Chaperoned by a captivating smile escaping her
Crestfallen with my foolish reluctance
The dispirited beauty had fled from my sight
Or so I thought but she only left for her work was done
Her work of magic on my body and soul
My heartbeat racing, spiralling down a winding stairs
After her my thoughts tumbled
Driven with insanity, hope and vigor
The heavens looked down on me with humor
Humbled me as they never showed you to me again
I searched unrelentingly to heal in your adoration
My search held off by a tiring distance mounting between us
Herr flawless persona
Meshed and weaved into a perfect world sealed into the depths of my heart