by stupendous man

Just another day in the diary of my life
Or so I thought totally unsuspicious to what was going to happen to me
I braved the world like every other day
To meet and greet familiar faces, to go along the way
There were no signs of disruption or no unrest in the air
For whatever that was coming I was unprepared
Then it all happened, my world fell apart
As I was sitting in a class and fiddling with numbers
The room illuminated and every thing went blind
As I tried to narrow my eyes and look through this light
There she was, an angel walking in plain sight
So harmless and deceptive as she looked
She tormented every heart that ever caught a glimpse of her
So I did fall in her beauty’s grasp as well, forever lost seeking no return
My mind refused to translate what was happening
For time froze still and my senses had given in
My eyes fixed upon you, my nose searching for your scent
My ears trying to pick even the faintest sound that you made
My heart it left me that very moment, it refused to leave your side
It found comfort and warmth, it found a reason to live for.


As I Cry to The Moon Tonight!