by stupendous man

Were I to praise you, my art is not enough
No words or thoughts can combine,nor alone
Salute your beauty I shall say no more;
Your magic has long been a myth
A secret that was once believed
Only by the stars and other heavenly beings
Then I fell into your magical realm
Caught in your beauty’s grasp
In all the wonderful things I started to believe
And in your love I wandered afar
Your sweet lips spells ecstasy
Watching them move hypnotizes me,
My art, its spent and my mind filled with pleasant memories
Of your gentle kiss and your tingling touch on my skin
My heart it beats in rhythm with yours
It has wandered away from me and circles close to you.
Princess all I’m seeking is to be your prince
For your happiness, I, can fight and win against anything
I can vanquish this world one day at a time,
Your love and faith are my weapons to the battleground.
When your hurt, your war I will win
Lean on me, as we cut through the vanguard.
We are one my love we share the same, moon and sky,
I shall never allow your gentle hands to leave the grasp of mine.