Man With A Complete Soul!

by stupendous man

The heavens glow with an unearthly light
Reflecting upon the magic in your smile
An ethereal beauty surrounds your soul
The sea’s suffused with laughing sounds
The joy of seeing you has gone unbound
Mermaids, sirens and other wonderous creatures wash ashore
To catch a glimpse of your face, your radiant glow
The forests refuse to sleep they’ve gone restless
They seek for your scent as they frantically try to move
Even deep roots doesn’t deter them from reaching you
Mankind has suffered no less in your beauty
Many have lost hope and sight and memory of their life
When I look into your beautiful eyes
I see all the love you have to give
And the music in your voice plays in the depth of my head
Everything about you makes me want to run away with you
My heart aches for you when I see you smile,
And my heart aches when I hear you breathe.
I ache for your soft lips to touch mine with selfless passion and intensity
I couldn’t resist I sought the help of the gods
I prayed for them to show me a way to make you fall in love
Now I’m a man with a complete soul
Blessed with an angel’s love from the heavens above.