Stole This Love From The Angels!

by stupendous man

Look me in the eyes and kiss them under the stars and the moonlit sky
Listen close for there is a song that lingers in the wind that I sang for you tonight
Sometimes my loudest screams for you are like whispers that put you to sleep
When I feel you inside me the sky would stretch out beneath my feet
And in the mornings I’d dream of taking your quiescent face in between my palms
Kissing on those lips as I wake them up with the rush of blood
Kissing those lips so lusciously red they put many a rose to shame
And as I kiss you I lift my spirits from the dormant realms
Awaiting to unite my body with yours that feels like the velvet sky
Awaiting you to heal the scars of distance and time with your tongue
As I try to awaken your senses with a gentle kiss to the gates that open my paradise
I’ll kiss them till I drain away the sweetness from them and tease you for a while
I’ll keep you waiting for the day and taunt you till you come back to me in the night
A queen to my heart you’re, but when you blush you make me feel like your king
A king who vowed to never let your feet touch the ground as long as I breathe
I stole this love from the angels for I’m in love with one
I may yet learn to unlock the true essence of this love but I hope I’m doing enough.