The Ballads of a Stranded Soul

"The teller and the tale are very different, never forget that"

Month: March, 2013


Just another day in the diary of my life
Or so I thought totally unsuspicious to what was going to happen to me
I braved the world like every other day
To meet and greet familiar faces, to go along the way
There were no signs of disruption or no unrest in the air
For whatever that was coming I was unprepared
Then it all happened, my world fell apart
As I was sitting in a class and fiddling with numbers
The room illuminated and every thing went blind
As I tried to narrow my eyes and look through this light
There she was, an angel walking in plain sight
So harmless and deceptive as she looked
She tormented every heart that ever caught a glimpse of her
So I did fall in her beauty’s grasp as well, forever lost seeking no return
My mind refused to translate what was happening
For time froze still and my senses had given in
My eyes fixed upon you, my nose searching for your scent
My ears trying to pick even the faintest sound that you made
My heart it left me that very moment, it refused to leave your side
It found comfort and warmth, it found a reason to live for.


As I Cry to The Moon Tonight!



Were I to praise you, my art is not enough
No words or thoughts can combine,nor alone
Salute your beauty I shall say no more;
Your magic has long been a myth
A secret that was once believed
Only by the stars and other heavenly beings
Then I fell into your magical realm
Caught in your beauty’s grasp
In all the wonderful things I started to believe
And in your love I wandered afar
Your sweet lips spells ecstasy
Watching them move hypnotizes me,
My art, its spent and my mind filled with pleasant memories
Of your gentle kiss and your tingling touch on my skin
My heart it beats in rhythm with yours
It has wandered away from me and circles close to you.
Princess all I’m seeking is to be your prince
For your happiness, I, can fight and win against anything
I can vanquish this world one day at a time,
Your love and faith are my weapons to the battleground.
When your hurt, your war I will win
Lean on me, as we cut through the vanguard.
We are one my love we share the same, moon and sky,
I shall never allow your gentle hands to leave the grasp of mine.




Man With A Complete Soul!

The heavens glow with an unearthly light
Reflecting upon the magic in your smile
An ethereal beauty surrounds your soul
The sea’s suffused with laughing sounds
The joy of seeing you has gone unbound
Mermaids, sirens and other wonderous creatures wash ashore
To catch a glimpse of your face, your radiant glow
The forests refuse to sleep they’ve gone restless
They seek for your scent as they frantically try to move
Even deep roots doesn’t deter them from reaching you
Mankind has suffered no less in your beauty
Many have lost hope and sight and memory of their life
When I look into your beautiful eyes
I see all the love you have to give
And the music in your voice plays in the depth of my head
Everything about you makes me want to run away with you
My heart aches for you when I see you smile,
And my heart aches when I hear you breathe.
I ache for your soft lips to touch mine with selfless passion and intensity
I couldn’t resist I sought the help of the gods
I prayed for them to show me a way to make you fall in love
Now I’m a man with a complete soul
Blessed with an angel’s love from the heavens above.



The Madness In Me!

Like a fool dancing in the night, dreaming about sunshine while the rain’s falling on your face.
I hope when you open your eyes to this world,
My words greet you to awaken your soul.
The echoes you hear from time and again, 
Are my cries of desperation bouncing of these four walls and me.
This longing for you shall never fade as shall the love for you will always remain,
And as the days get closer and so shall our lives be as one soon.
My senses won’t let go of this will that wants to seduce you,
The feeling invades my body that forever waits for you your warmth and your desires.
You are the poetry that gives me pleasure as I sing every verse, 
You’re the madness that makes me want to live and explore this life with.



Stole This Love From The Angels!

Look me in the eyes and kiss them under the stars and the moonlit sky
Listen close for there is a song that lingers in the wind that I sang for you tonight
Sometimes my loudest screams for you are like whispers that put you to sleep
When I feel you inside me the sky would stretch out beneath my feet
And in the mornings I’d dream of taking your quiescent face in between my palms
Kissing on those lips as I wake them up with the rush of blood
Kissing those lips so lusciously red they put many a rose to shame
And as I kiss you I lift my spirits from the dormant realms
Awaiting to unite my body with yours that feels like the velvet sky
Awaiting you to heal the scars of distance and time with your tongue
As I try to awaken your senses with a gentle kiss to the gates that open my paradise
I’ll kiss them till I drain away the sweetness from them and tease you for a while
I’ll keep you waiting for the day and taunt you till you come back to me in the night
A queen to my heart you’re, but when you blush you make me feel like your king
A king who vowed to never let your feet touch the ground as long as I breathe
I stole this love from the angels for I’m in love with one
I may yet learn to unlock the true essence of this love but I hope I’m doing enough.



Sunset on Your Face!

As the sun sets on your face it leaves a beautiful gaze
A reminder of a what a glorious day it left behind
The moon takes over and shines upon the shadowed seas
And the sand glimmers beneath my sticky feet
I know I’m forever blessed for I’m in love or so the heavens said
As you come closer I can see you reflecting off the moon’s light
From deep within your eyes
I can see your body radiate such immense warmth
To drive the cold from my heart as its hopes rise
Perfect is your soul as it soars through the skies
Faultless are those every notes you sing to me
Entrapped in this labyrinth of love
I’ve never searched for a way out
This is where I’d spend my eternity
Getting lost as I wander deeper and deeper into you!