The Ballads of a Stranded Soul

"The teller and the tale are very different, never forget that"

Month: February, 2013

I’m Sorry!

I used to paint pictures of you
With colors of life and love
Virtues were its features so sharply drawn
Beauty flowed through it’s every stroke
And then destiny took it a lad further
It breathed life into my creations
And you stood there in front of me
Every breath you exhaled imbibed with a new emotion
Invisible strings flowing from your hair
Tied to my life’s essence dragging me along everywhere
I’d never wish to bind free from these dreadlocks
I wish to stay with you forever and be dragged further more
I’m sorry I sometimes see you as my imagination
I’m sorry I may have been torn between words and time
I’m sorry Kshama they were things in the past
I’m sorry I wasn’t content I won’t repeat them again
Dare I ask you to forgive, I’ve no pride when it comes to you
I’ve thrown away my egos they were only weighing me down
Salvaging my thoughts of yours from my clouded mind
I’ll still love you as the intimate entity of mine!





Illusions and Dreams!

The morning begins with a gentle knock on your door,
Waiting to see your beautiful smile escape those lips.
Beaming with surprises onto this world,
You steal peace from the hearts of men young and old.
I walked across these empty lands without you,
And I know these pathways through bends and curves.
I could never feel the earth beneath my feet,
My body just shouts out your name into the nights.
I want you to give me your comfort and time in plenty
To say soothing words in my ears as I have trouble sleeping
Singing to me in the wake of the morning sky
With a voice that agitates the life inside
With you everything seems to go my way
Luck and destiny both bow down to your command
Twsit them to your will don’t stop until you’re mine.
I can’t stop now I cannot stop thinking about you
I have not stopped to notice what the world’s turning into
I’m not short on time but I’m tired of these lonely walks
You never came into my life easy, I’m never letting you go again!