Smoking Kills!

by stupendous man

Leaves brown and yellow dried and dead
Rolled together in a sheet of paper tainted with colorless blood
Intoxicating minds, imbibing false intuitions
Depriving the soul of self-reliance and causing delusions
A victim I was to this hypnotic drug, just drawn towards it with no reasons why
Dragged them down my throat like it was a benevolent thing, in it I completely believed
Days became months before I even planted the idea of trying to stop
I even convinced myself that’s as far as I’d go, for these wisps of smoke were dear to me
Dragged one every now and then when I felt the need or sometimes just because I had some to kill
Then it happened, the moment of truth, something more than just a statutory warning,
A cry of despair from the one I love, as she cried out to me to stop killing myself
I heard her and I didn’t question the emotions behind it, instead I sat down and I contemplated.
Then the truth just painted itself for me and calling it a pretty picture would be a lie
I saw the people who I upset, without regard and the countless lives I’ve endangered other than mine.