Dying to Live!

by stupendous man

If I haven’t been thoughtful about the words I say to you,please let me know
I need a little suggestion or intimate me with a hint, if I’m doing things the right way
The way that pleases you, the way it shows to you that you’re the light I seek
Don’t keep it in yourself love I know I’m a little slow when it comes to you
For my thoughts don’t reason, they just dream about you and your beautiful skin
Hear my heartbeat frantically Kshama when it’s just an hour past the midnight
Nearly another day to survive without you by my side
I kneel down to you as a beggar for your love and for the retrieval of my soul
I never would have chosen a different path because that road I’d have never seen
The day might end tonight with the passing of me into oblivion
But the dreams shall continue to recreate your realm for me where I still search for you my queen
I’m waiting for this search to end, to feel your lips upon my skin to hear my name from your mouth
And to know what it is to take you in my arms and be closer to you than I’ve ever been


Dying to Live