by stupendous man

Unveil the shroud of these dark skies around you tonight
And listen to me as I speak to you my heart’s want
I have lived and seen many years pass by
Each one giving me something, a memory to remember
Each year ended on optimism, paving for another yet to be explored
Living off on curiosity I was running behind possibilities
Venturing new worlds in my own accord trying to learn
Perceiving life through a different eye every day and every night
I thought I’d seen everything, I started growing apathetic to my own traditions
I failed to realize irrespective of what I’ve seen, life never ceases to surprise
Evet melegim, this was the day you walked right into my life
And I let you trample over my reality like it was a fragile glass
My very fabric of fate torn and my world shattered in front of eyes
The only day that mattered to me, from then till now and till I die
The only day I never knew would dawn upon me and shed it’s light
When the world was ready to turn it’s back, to bid adieu to the year gone
I was reluctant to let it go for I’d dwell in its memory alone
Ever since I have been grovelling to hear you speak to me
At least whisper those words that would make me weak
I know I always ask for an unfair wish, to smile again and to kiss my cheek
The only retribution that can absolve my jealousy is to genuflect before your eyes
As I grasp your hands gently and place them on my lips and carry you away!