The Ballads of a Stranded Soul

"The teller and the tale are very different, never forget that"

Month: January, 2013

Smoking Kills!

Leaves brown and yellow dried and dead
Rolled together in a sheet of paper tainted with colorless blood
Intoxicating minds, imbibing false intuitions
Depriving the soul of self-reliance and causing delusions
A victim I was to this hypnotic drug, just drawn towards it with no reasons why
Dragged them down my throat like it was a benevolent thing, in it I completely believed
Days became months before I even planted the idea of trying to stop
I even convinced myself that’s as far as I’d go, for these wisps of smoke were dear to me
Dragged one every now and then when I felt the need or sometimes just because I had some to kill
Then it happened, the moment of truth, something more than just a statutory warning,
A cry of despair from the one I love, as she cried out to me to stop killing myself
I heard her and I didn’t question the emotions behind it, instead I sat down and I contemplated.
Then the truth just painted itself for me and calling it a pretty picture would be a lie
I saw the people who I upset, without regard and the countless lives I’ve endangered other than mine.



Dying to Live!

If I haven’t been thoughtful about the words I say to you,please let me know
I need a little suggestion or intimate me with a hint, if I’m doing things the right way
The way that pleases you, the way it shows to you that you’re the light I seek
Don’t keep it in yourself love I know I’m a little slow when it comes to you
For my thoughts don’t reason, they just dream about you and your beautiful skin
Hear my heartbeat frantically Kshama when it’s just an hour past the midnight
Nearly another day to survive without you by my side
I kneel down to you as a beggar for your love and for the retrieval of my soul
I never would have chosen a different path because that road I’d have never seen
The day might end tonight with the passing of me into oblivion
But the dreams shall continue to recreate your realm for me where I still search for you my queen
I’m waiting for this search to end, to feel your lips upon my skin to hear my name from your mouth
And to know what it is to take you in my arms and be closer to you than I’ve ever been


Dying to Live

Wisps of Doubts!

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Uncover my eyes and show me your face
As it shimmers like the northern lights
Hovering in beauty over the darkest nights
Let me shed the tears while you shall never cry

I shall draw these lines on my brow
One for every year I have been away from you
I knew the moment I left I’d be left alone
With the perpetual void and silence as my shelter

I’m still the one on my knees begging for your love
Because I’m living in a wasteland where emotions die
Hell looming over me and heaven’s out of my sight

Jealousy, guilt, anger and hate are what I felt
To people around you who make you laugh and dance
While wisps of doubts draws a veil between you and me
I look up to the stars and just wish I could share their fate

As I yearn and I yearn and the night fades away,
The sun never showed up and the world was silent again!


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Unveil the shroud of these dark skies around you tonight
And listen to me as I speak to you my heart’s want
I have lived and seen many years pass by
Each one giving me something, a memory to remember
Each year ended on optimism, paving for another yet to be explored
Living off on curiosity I was running behind possibilities
Venturing new worlds in my own accord trying to learn
Perceiving life through a different eye every day and every night
I thought I’d seen everything, I started growing apathetic to my own traditions
I failed to realize irrespective of what I’ve seen, life never ceases to surprise
Evet melegim, this was the day you walked right into my life
And I let you trample over my reality like it was a fragile glass
My very fabric of fate torn and my world shattered in front of eyes
The only day that mattered to me, from then till now and till I die
The only day I never knew would dawn upon me and shed it’s light
When the world was ready to turn it’s back, to bid adieu to the year gone
I was reluctant to let it go for I’d dwell in its memory alone
Ever since I have been grovelling to hear you speak to me
At least whisper those words that would make me weak
I know I always ask for an unfair wish, to smile again and to kiss my cheek
The only retribution that can absolve my jealousy is to genuflect before your eyes
As I grasp your hands gently and place them on my lips and carry you away!