I’m Only An Illusion!

by stupendous man

Rains lashing out on a windless night,
Falling straight from the darkest skies.
Searching to drown a wandering soul,
I hide tonight for I don’t want to lose my hope.

I can see the shadows taking over me,
Strangling me and I can hardly breathe.
Nowhere to turn for help,
I try to break and free myself.

I stretch my arms up to the skies,
My cries are faded by the thunders high.
I only wish you could hear me out,
I’m growing weak and I’m falling down.

Time cannot tend to heal these scars,
They run deeper than I ever thought.
Place your fingers over them,
Close these wounds and hold me in.

For I’m only an illusion in this world,
Without you to show me what I live for.