The Ballads of a Stranded Soul

"The teller and the tale are very different, never forget that"

Month: December, 2012

I’m Only An Illusion!

Rains lashing out on a windless night,
Falling straight from the darkest skies.
Searching to drown a wandering soul,
I hide tonight for I don’t want to lose my hope.

I can see the shadows taking over me,
Strangling me and I can hardly breathe.
Nowhere to turn for help,
I try to break and free myself.

I stretch my arms up to the skies,
My cries are faded by the thunders high.
I only wish you could hear me out,
I’m growing weak and I’m falling down.

Time cannot tend to heal these scars,
They run deeper than I ever thought.
Place your fingers over them,
Close these wounds and hold me in.

For I’m only an illusion in this world,
Without you to show me what I live for.


Drift Away!

Every night I want to drift away to a place
Where light and darkness just merge with each other
Where the body and soul cannot exist together
For where one lives in reality, tired and thrown around
The other dwells in the realm of dreams, calm and sound
Unsuspicious about its evanescent spirit, where it might slowly fade away
Where the mind loses its ability to comprehend and the heart lacks love
Where uncherished memories would seem so distant now
I would go through all these, trying to reach for this special place
Because during despair and hurt is when I can truly see your face
The essence that breathes life into anything, emanating from you
Promise me someday that you’ll use your force to save me
To save me from this labyrinth of life and guide me towards you!