Ashes and Smoke!

by stupendous man

Five days into the void of soulless breathing
Trying to be alive with alcohol and smoking
Well aware that they are killing me softly
But none the sooner than you and less intensely
Trying to forget your memories with new thoughts
But wherever I turn its your warmth I yearn
Miles away I know I can’t show you my promises
From the beginning a small faith was all I demanded
Mulling over your reasons I could see sense every way
But jealousy and greed overwhelms the way I perceive
I set off to believe there was nothing I could do
But to learn to live my life for eternity without you
To met strangers and fill them with the gap you left behind
To learn their ways along with the intricacies of love and life
It’s never easy to get over your beauty charm and flair
But the more I try to understand the closer to oblivion I’m
Of all the things I learnt and tried a committed relation was what I failed
I only wish I knew the ways in which I could have held you back!