The Ballads of a Stranded Soul

"The teller and the tale are very different, never forget that"

Month: October, 2012

Whisper a Lie!

Colder inside no warmth can make me feel better
Comfort and pain go hand in hand tonight
Will I only live longer to see you drift away
Drift far away from me even time can’t help me find
If only you could turn back once and whisper a lie
A lie that will help me breathe for a little while
A lie I wish was forever true
That you loved me once and you couldn’t tell.


Darker Than Black


Searching for answers unfound ,
Words and lies keep going round and round, will I find love
Feeling lied to ,betrayed to,
The times I’ve cried and tried for the ones’ I had loved
When I look up into in the skies, is there someone out there
To tell me my future, unknown I’m waiting
Frustration had me in tears and confusion has me in madness
My hope slowly fades , your shadows keep drowning me into these illusions
you have made


Death Whispered a Lullaby!

With a heavy breath of vodka and stains of smoke
Crushed papers lying all around my weakened knees
As I try to write away my pain, still unrepressed
Growing over me, helping me through these lonely nights
To feel something, maybe a strong desire for intimacy
To bring some warmth to my heart in this freezing hour
Yet I try to save myself from caving in to these fantasies
The emotions in life which I know I can never feel
For my senses have been mutilated and my eyes run dry
I have aged beyond my years I have had enough!

When The Ground Shook Below Me!

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I clearly remember the day
When the ground shook below me,
When god put you right in front of my eyes
The moment I laid eyes upon you
No matter where I turn my gaze refused to budge
So locked on to your ethereal windows of life
Amidst the noise that was prevailing around me
The whisper of your breath was all I could hear
Amidst all the scents lingering in the air
Your sweet smell was all I could gather
I wish fate hadn’t been so cruel on me
My love for you would remain an untold story.

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Ashes and Smoke!

Five days into the void of soulless breathing
Trying to be alive with alcohol and smoking
Well aware that they are killing me softly
But none the sooner than you and less intensely
Trying to forget your memories with new thoughts
But wherever I turn its your warmth I yearn
Miles away I know I can’t show you my promises
From the beginning a small faith was all I demanded
Mulling over your reasons I could see sense every way
But jealousy and greed overwhelms the way I perceive
I set off to believe there was nothing I could do
But to learn to live my life for eternity without you
To met strangers and fill them with the gap you left behind
To learn their ways along with the intricacies of love and life
It’s never easy to get over your beauty charm and flair
But the more I try to understand the closer to oblivion I’m
Of all the things I learnt and tried a committed relation was what I failed
I only wish I knew the ways in which I could have held you back!

Whole Thing’s Tumbling Down!

Every night feels like something’s torn off
Or altogether my body ripped apart
Whirling through an abysmal fall
Agnising what I have truly become
The farther from you I go
The colder my heart will grow
I can never love someone as I love you
It was the better side of me I wanted to show
I’d always do anything to make you smile
I wish there were more reasons for you to admire
This world is a beautiful place
I wanted to see it with your hands held tight
But I guess now that is for someone else
I wish his hands would never let you go unlike mine!