Simple As It Gets!

by stupendous man

Into the night as I slip searching for your dreams,
Trying to find a chance to gently grab your hands
To feel your touch to only escape from my reality
As the night breaks I stay asleep and fight the sun
For waking up would only take you back so far away
Far away that I haven’t been able to live a painless day
Although I like for things to change between us every second
I learn to appreciate this distance this love for you exploring bounds
I can never replace your love from my heart it’s too late for that
For when I started loving you I never thought I would have to!
Do these songs I sing mean enough for you
Have I even come close to describing what you mean to me
These word keep echoing in my mind
For the heart never satisfies when it sings about and it cries
I have never expressed my words in puzzles or riddles for you to break
I love you always and it is as simple as it gets!