Provoked by Greed!

by stupendous man



Heavens knew, for I was told
Everything about you
Was getting out of control
I see your face lit up and bright
I know you better than this
And I’m takin’ my time
Cause I got nothing to do
Then to picture you in my mind
I know these words don’t seem right
But I’ve got only this night
Like the every other ones
I want to read my thoughts out
I’m not tryin’ to save the world
I’m just trying to fall deeper in love with you
I just didn’t notice all this while
All this eternal sunshine hidden in you
There you go again ever so beautiful
Setting fire to all you hold on to
There’s a place in my head
Portraying a one-sided view
To a beautiful, beautiful you
I’m a concept in the human race
A mere burnt image of your love
Another shade of green
Provoked by greed
I envy everyone of them
Who are closer to you than me