The Ballads of a Stranded Soul

"The teller and the tale are very different, never forget that"

Month: September, 2012

Dreaming All The While!

As I go to sleep I had enough agony for the day
I have never missed you so much
Believe me oh love, to you I dare say
I’m drenched in rain shivering with cold
Sitting among strangers young and old
I read your message over and over again
I keep cursing myself for running so late
And through the window of my eyes anathematized
I stare at the empty streets waiting for you to pass by
Distracted and diffused I’m lost in the night
My thoughts rest with you miles away from my mind
Everyday when I wake up I kiss your jet black hair
Curtailing the sun from hurting my eyes
Pecking on your lips blushing red
I wake up again I was dreaming all the while!


Stay With Me!

Stay with me you beautiful girl
I could never let you go
You know just what to do
To make my heart slip for you
Your voice is a love song
That cuts my night short
Into dreams and disasters
Into your wonderful thoughts
A dozen men behind you
You will always have falling
And dead flowers on the floor
Wilted from shame and jealousy
You’re the reason for this and more
You’re too beautiful in the night
Shining much brighter in the day
You keep them coming back
To fall and grovel in your way!

Will You Lend Me Your Faith Tonight?

I cross this void beyond my mind
Through the empty space that circles time
I see where the others stumble and fall
To seek a truth they never find
To taste the secret source of life
And in your presence I can’t deny
For your light shall be my guide
With swords of truth I turn to fight
The satanic powers of the night
Will you lend me your faith tonight?

The Oil To My Lamp!

I cannot love you as I ought to
For my love reflects your virtue
Alas! they are more than what I can sing
My words are only words that seldom make sense
But when they do they so for you and no one else
I cannot blame these plaintive songs
For they merely reflect my thoughts all along
As the spirit of my love keeps flickering
Searching for a few words of your innocence
The oil to my flame to keep the wick burning
I can never leave your side by force or will
Nor can time make me old enough to forget





Simple As It Gets!

Into the night as I slip searching for your dreams,
Trying to find a chance to gently grab your hands
To feel your touch to only escape from my reality
As the night breaks I stay asleep and fight the sun
For waking up would only take you back so far away
Far away that I haven’t been able to live a painless day
Although I like for things to change between us every second
I learn to appreciate this distance this love for you exploring bounds
I can never replace your love from my heart it’s too late for that
For when I started loving you I never thought I would have to!
Do these songs I sing mean enough for you
Have I even come close to describing what you mean to me
These word keep echoing in my mind
For the heart never satisfies when it sings about and it cries
I have never expressed my words in puzzles or riddles for you to break
I love you always and it is as simple as it gets! 

Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart!



Let me wake up in your arms
To hear you say it’s alright
Let me be right next to you
Flourishing with life
Let me never see the sun
And never miss your smile!
Close my eyes
Hold me tight
And bury me deep inside your heart
All I ever wanted was you, my love
That’s the way it’s always been
My heart stops beating only for you
Only for your loving
Let me never see the sun
And never miss your smile!



Provoked by Greed!



Heavens knew, for I was told
Everything about you
Was getting out of control
I see your face lit up and bright
I know you better than this
And I’m takin’ my time
Cause I got nothing to do
Then to picture you in my mind
I know these words don’t seem right
But I’ve got only this night
Like the every other ones
I want to read my thoughts out
I’m not tryin’ to save the world
I’m just trying to fall deeper in love with you
I just didn’t notice all this while
All this eternal sunshine hidden in you
There you go again ever so beautiful
Setting fire to all you hold on to
There’s a place in my head
Portraying a one-sided view
To a beautiful, beautiful you
I’m a concept in the human race
A mere burnt image of your love
Another shade of green
Provoked by greed
I envy everyone of them
Who are closer to you than me

Harder I Try!

Heaven ablaze in your eyes
As I’m just staring into time
Into the agony of the night
Sweeter than the wine
As I offer a sacrifice
I’m waiting to drown in those eyes
So open your arms
and let me show you
what love can be like
It’s all tears and it will be
’til you are by my side
Come closer my love
For can’t you see
That the harder I try
The more you mean to me
I have only believed in this
Your first sweetest kiss
That keeps me cold when its warm
And makes my heart beat fast
When you are gone!