Smooth Descent To Reality!

by stupendous man

As I climb the stairway to the stars into the night
I hold my hands out reach them and take me inside
To your sanctuary the abode of peace and tranquility
And sing to me a serenade as you put me to sleep
You came from a dream and released me from the dark
Breaking these chains of agony and shackles of doubt
Your laughter draws me in a smooth descent to reality
I’ll wrap myself in solitude as you’re far away from me
Like the sun, wind and the rain my love’ll forever remain
It is true for time is slowly drawing away my essence
I may lose my strength but not my love over the years
I ain’t the one to tell what your future should look like
But its a future I wont give up without putting up a fight
Once again I look upto the skies and cast my hopes
Catch them while you’re up there and hold me close!