Now and Forever!

by stupendous man

You are a drug I just cannot quit, an analgesic for my agonies
I know you are not in love yet but will you please hold on to me
I’m feeling half alive but someday you will join me and set me free
To live by your side and to fade in your arms unregretting, peacefully
I admit my dire need so shamelessly to hear your voice to put me to sleep
Every song you sing to me is just stuck on repeat, my femme petite
I am torn between my destiny to fall in love with you so helplessly
And to travel far to search my soul one that wouldn’t dare to make you weep
I want to tell you all the things I never said about the way you make me feel
Ragged and bruised over the years, I feel no pain when you’re next to me
Ambitious about us, I fill my life with the deepest hopes, more than a fantasy
I was born to tell you I was meant to love you but I never knew how
Please forgive me,  for you can see right thro’ me, but I’m loving every minute of this
Take me with you, I will never let you down and I will love you till eternal bliss!