You Are The Reason I Believe!

by stupendous man

With a smile so sweet, you know to make the world grovel on its knees
Seas would rise high to catch your glimpse to wash your feet, your skin
Mornings would never be the same for those who watch you pass by them
For fear retracts its vicious hold on those who you lay your warm touch on
With the eyes like those even the azure skies turn dark and begin to fall
And these honest words seldom do a fair job to limn your delicate self
I may have ruled the world in my head for long, as a tyranny, as a king
But my kingdom is gone, captured and altered ,drawn in your image
Another supplication to hear me out, I heard your words and thought about
I don’t know if you will hear this song the way I want to sing it out to you
The way I want you to be sure, I won’t be the one to disappoint you anymore
I know you have heard it, not once but twice but I’m saying it once again,
You are the reason I believe, embodiment of my faith, the reason I still live
You let the world go around and shake my ground and throw me everywhere
Two years are much as anyone say, but not long enough to take you away
For your love is a race I intend to win, to run to you while I am still breathing
I truly believe in you and me, I cannot live this moment as it seems to be
I can never give up on you easily, I break down searching for a world unseen
I want to be your chosen one, raise me from my doubts and let it be gone
I will fight my fate over time and space in every way to dance with you again!