Give Me A Sign!

by stupendous man

Another day comes to end, breeding new doubts and filling my head
Will you ever listen to me or will you just turn away and leave me to die
The moon, as ominous as it can ever be, lurking among the clouds
I can feel my fear as it suffocates me and I wonder if I can stay alive
For I’m so cold, screaming on the inside turning frail and withering
Wounded broken I didn’t ever want to see it come as close to this
Shelter my love, clear my conscience and help me find your face again
I’m restless, raring, unsatiated with greed, hopeless as I’m yearning to see,
What awaits at the end of all this, at the end of the road for you and me
Will you carry my soul into heaven’s arms or will you just light the way and let me go
Beyond this point I have nothing to give, nothing that would make you believe
I’m fighting for every breath, my lungs filled with smoke from the depths of hell
I ask of you to break my fall to heal my scars and show me what it is to be loved
Just give me a sign, resurrect me before it’s too late, before I can’t feel anything!