A New Emotion!

by stupendous man

Every moment I blink is every moment I regret painfully
For every time I close my eyes I miss an instant of your life
I keep telling myself the truth is that, all this is just a dream
Even though it looks like you are ubiquitous around me
I’m stranded looking for you in the middle of nowhere
For my vision deceives me as for your love forever teases me
When ever I see your lips blossom, blushing so red with shy
My heart gets frantic and tired from all that flipping around
I used to think distance was something of a curse, a punishment
But the farther you move away from me the closer I get to you
For you’re the bearer of my heart, my soul and my life for all its worth
And the instances I tell this to you, the memories to me you give
Are like the air I can breathe that keeps pushing me to live
I have lost my reflection, for my existence was replaced by you
I feel a new emotion as I seek the answer for my doubts
For with utmost care I have kept you a secret from my world
Will you ever give me a chance to reveal you as my blessing
A benediction that has changed me for a better man I am now!