A Song That Forever Lingers!

by stupendous man

I can’t believe I’m alive to know what it is to be loved by you
It’s not like I can’t live without you,I just don’t even want to try
I’ll spend all my life’s eternity in the quest to solve your mystery
To look into your heart’s true desire and to try to be a part of it
Let me prove my love is real, let me make you feel the way I feel
For I promise under this very moon that you would never regret it
Unable to resist this feeling, the yearning, the longing for your kiss
I have consecrated my life for none but you, and to sing your virtue
I have pledged my heart to be your own, to act as your royal throne
I’m a simpleton it’s not my flair, it’s just you kindling my inner flare
Again through these misty nights, I reach out for the lonely skies
How I miss you in these darkest hours and your arms around mine
Every night I sit to write with these instruments of love my poetic fingers ,
A song that can be sung with my thawing heart with you that forever lingers!