Only To You I Kneel!

by stupendous man

Your love has wrested my heart away from me
For you are the one I love , the one I need
Day and night I burn gripped with fear and agony
Should I cease to exist for one thing I would grieve
I have never had great joy in being alive with you apart
Into a limbo I fall surrounded with murals of your art
With virtues of an angel you make it hard for me
To live every moment knowing how far you would be
I had to occupy myself with thoughts of you
To the expulsion of all the others from my mind
I ask of you to raise this veil and show your love
I ask of you to show what is to live with you around
For I learn too much about myself than I can face
I just want to admire your smile as the world fades
No matter how many songs I write to praise your virtue
I can never feel content or succeed in telling it out to you
That there is no loss of intensity in what I shall always feel
For there is no peace in my struggle and only to you I kneel!