As Your Memory Dwells!

by stupendous man

A short call, a fleeting chance of hearing your dulcet voice
Just throws me around, stranded I can’t think of anything else
Your picture, your countenance keeps hovering around in my mind
As I stare into nothingness searching for a heart that once was mine
I wish you’d never stop talking but that’s just a far-fetched dream
How will I survive these lonely days impossible as it may seem
I’m sitting here on a bench by the park , dilapidated and solitary
Watching lovers stroll by, holding their hands and rousing my envy
It’s like I come here everyday to punish and to torment myself
Pondering over how it would feel to hold your hands and to never let go
I’m disturbed my love and gone beyond a point of understanding
This yearning for you as it deepens has eluded my powers of grasping
Your beauty , your love I pray everyday it’s only for me and no one else
It’s all I can hope as the time flies by but as your memory dwells!