A Lingering Kiss!

by stupendous man

I never imagined one kiss from you
Could do this to me
The one kiss I have been longing
For all my eternity
A gentle touch of your lips on my skin
And I’m yours till the end
One magical night to feel it unfold
And I’ll love you even more
My love I ask you for no more than a kiss
To press my dreams on
A kiss that will continue to linger around
To live and lay my life on
I could never fathom what I missed ’til
You took my hand
Placed them gently on yours and kissed
And I could barely stand
If you only realize what you did to me
If I could only show
If you only realize we were meant to be
As one, I would never let go
Every night is worth the wait, waiting for you
To hear your voice,
And to feel your kiss, nothing can compare to!