My Inspiration!

by stupendous man

I swear, I try to learn your ways everyday
To show you I’m willing to go in every way
To earn your trust and to earn my place
Close to your heart and closer to your face
I’m still a stranger to you I’d always agree
You barely know me and sacred I can see
How can I show you what you’ve done to me
To show the better person you made me be
When doubts just keep clouding your mind
Mistrust on my ideals keep driving you blind
I can never fail to find my inspiration in you
Or tire to elaborate your beauty and virtue
Everytime to me you express your incertitude
I sink back and question my depraved past
For which I repent on my every lonely night
I only wish to say I was more than a fool back then
Going around mistaking you for every girl I met
And finally when I meet you I’m already tainted
Absolve me and save my love for you are sainted!