When the Day Comes!

by stupendous man

Already a year goes by without you lying next to me
Oh wait, only a day? This just can’t be happening!
Can’t believe this is just one of those sleepless nights
I’ll be having for the next two years in my sorry life
You give me a snapshot of your’s for me to remember
But I gave you my heart to keep you safe and warmer
I only hope it doesn’t fail you as long as it’s beating
Give it enough love and please keep it from falling
Breathing heavily I stare at the clock refusing to move
Contemplating deeply how am I going to make through
Every second I think of holding your cold hands in mine
Every moment I feel my head leaning like I lack a spine!
In time this distance between us may only grow farther
But at the end of it all I’ll be there no matter whatsoever
Kneeling down the path you walk when the day comes by
I wish you won’t walk past me but you will raise me high!