A Teary Goodbye!

by stupendous man

Running back through the moments I have spent
With you my love its like everyday I dreamt
That you were around me always
And you held me in your arms
Now I’m chasing and I realized
My dreams are leaving with you tonight
Wherever you go I’ll follow I said
But this is one trip I’ll leave you to tread
Without me because I’ll be a mere burden
In realizing your dreams, everything to fall in
It’s ok my love for 21 years I have waited
You don’t feel sorry my life was ill-fated
Till you came out and brightened it up
I want to be with you I can never give up
That was my selfish ego talking without sense
Forgive me love I just can’t take a stance
So just go ahead and leave on the train tonight
Without looking back I’ll hold on and fight
My desires to not leave your side
My nights shall be so sleep deprived!