The Ballads of a Stranded Soul

"The teller and the tale are very different, never forget that"

Month: June, 2012

Only To You I Kneel!

Your love has wrested my heart away from me
For you are the one I love , the one I need
Day and night I burn gripped with fear and agony
Should I cease to exist for one thing I would grieve
I have never had great joy in being alive with you apart
Into a limbo I fall surrounded with murals of your art
With virtues of an angel you make it hard for me
To live every moment knowing how far you would be
I had to occupy myself with thoughts of you
To the expulsion of all the others from my mind
I ask of you to raise this veil and show your love
I ask of you to show what is to live with you around
For I learn too much about myself than I can face
I just want to admire your smile as the world fades
No matter how many songs I write to praise your virtue
I can never feel content or succeed in telling it out to you
That there is no loss of intensity in what I shall always feel
For there is no peace in my struggle and only to you I kneel!



As Your Memory Dwells!

A short call, a fleeting chance of hearing your dulcet voice
Just throws me around, stranded I can’t think of anything else
Your picture, your countenance keeps hovering around in my mind
As I stare into nothingness searching for a heart that once was mine
I wish you’d never stop talking but that’s just a far-fetched dream
How will I survive these lonely days impossible as it may seem
I’m sitting here on a bench by the park , dilapidated and solitary
Watching lovers stroll by, holding their hands and rousing my envy
It’s like I come here everyday to punish and to torment myself
Pondering over how it would feel to hold your hands and to never let go
I’m disturbed my love and gone beyond a point of understanding
This yearning for you as it deepens has eluded my powers of grasping
Your beauty , your love I pray everyday it’s only for me and no one else
It’s all I can hope as the time flies by but as your memory dwells!

An Avatar of Patience!

As the days falls close to darkness
Your memories begin to fill my head
As for all these hours I was awake
I was alive but like the living dead
Going around my world so fainéantly
Wondering daily if I’m doing it right
Will I ever be able to show you love
That everything is going to be alright
Your mind is heavy filled with doubts
I realize for I can very well see them
Believe me  for I have been looking
At every end to my ill fate, I condemn
I can show you countless reasons why
I have fallen in deeply beyond recovery
But those would still not do justice for
You are more than what meets the eye
An avatar of patience and tranquility!

A Lingering Kiss!

I never imagined one kiss from you
Could do this to me
The one kiss I have been longing
For all my eternity
A gentle touch of your lips on my skin
And I’m yours till the end
One magical night to feel it unfold
And I’ll love you even more
My love I ask you for no more than a kiss
To press my dreams on
A kiss that will continue to linger around
To live and lay my life on
I could never fathom what I missed ’til
You took my hand
Placed them gently on yours and kissed
And I could barely stand
If you only realize what you did to me
If I could only show
If you only realize we were meant to be
As one, I would never let go
Every night is worth the wait, waiting for you
To hear your voice,
And to feel your kiss, nothing can compare to!

My Inspiration!

I swear, I try to learn your ways everyday
To show you I’m willing to go in every way
To earn your trust and to earn my place
Close to your heart and closer to your face
I’m still a stranger to you I’d always agree
You barely know me and sacred I can see
How can I show you what you’ve done to me
To show the better person you made me be
When doubts just keep clouding your mind
Mistrust on my ideals keep driving you blind
I can never fail to find my inspiration in you
Or tire to elaborate your beauty and virtue
Everytime to me you express your incertitude
I sink back and question my depraved past
For which I repent on my every lonely night
I only wish to say I was more than a fool back then
Going around mistaking you for every girl I met
And finally when I meet you I’m already tainted
Absolve me and save my love for you are sainted!


When the Day Comes!

Already a year goes by without you lying next to me
Oh wait, only a day? This just can’t be happening!
Can’t believe this is just one of those sleepless nights
I’ll be having for the next two years in my sorry life
You give me a snapshot of your’s for me to remember
But I gave you my heart to keep you safe and warmer
I only hope it doesn’t fail you as long as it’s beating
Give it enough love and please keep it from falling
Breathing heavily I stare at the clock refusing to move
Contemplating deeply how am I going to make through
Every second I think of holding your cold hands in mine
Every moment I feel my head leaning like I lack a spine!
In time this distance between us may only grow farther
But at the end of it all I’ll be there no matter whatsoever
Kneeling down the path you walk when the day comes by
I wish you won’t walk past me but you will raise me high!


A Teary Goodbye!

Running back through the moments I have spent
With you my love its like everyday I dreamt
That you were around me always
And you held me in your arms
Now I’m chasing and I realized
My dreams are leaving with you tonight
Wherever you go I’ll follow I said
But this is one trip I’ll leave you to tread
Without me because I’ll be a mere burden
In realizing your dreams, everything to fall in
It’s ok my love for 21 years I have waited
You don’t feel sorry my life was ill-fated
Till you came out and brightened it up
I want to be with you I can never give up
That was my selfish ego talking without sense
Forgive me love I just can’t take a stance
So just go ahead and leave on the train tonight
Without looking back I’ll hold on and fight
My desires to not leave your side
My nights shall be so sleep deprived!